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Digital Media Partners is a venture capital firm focused on emerging markets that have recently joined the global digital transformation process. Specifically, we look at the development of the consumer internet and its supporting infrastructure.


At DMP, we understand that every emerging country represents a unique combination of cultural, economic and societal traits. Therefore we believe that the arrival of high connectivity, processing power and interactivity to the market will result in an explosion of digital services, some very much like those seen before, and some that have not previously been seen or heard of elsewhere.


Over the years, we’ve learnt to respect the internal logic of a variety of industries that underpin consumer internet – telecoms, software, retail, banking, media, advertising and others. At DMP, we spend most of our time understanding and codifying the mutual impact of those industries on the digital space to fathom the exact combination of factors that makes a digital business model viable and sustainable.

Our head office is located in Singapore, from where we cover the markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam through our teams on the ground, advisors and trusted co-investors. DMP funds are backed by a group of sophisticated Limited Partners from North Asia, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe that includes digital media experts such as founders of major venture funds, prominent internet entrepreneurs as well as experts in building up businesses across emerging markets in industries such as TV, natural resources, retail and banking.


DMP Fund I

With our first fund, active since May 2011, we put those beliefs and insights to work in Southeast Asia. We seek entrepreneurs to develop digital business models that are:

  • viable and sustainable in the harsh business environments present in most of the countries in the region
  • unique and locally relevant enough to be defensible against global competition
  • scalable across multiple geographies in the region

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